Linked list in ASP VBScript?

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Thread: Linked list in ASP VBScript?

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    Remco Brink Guest

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    Imagine a table in an SQL database that contains menu-options. The menuoptions should show up on a website in a specific order, not randomly (nor on the order they are in the table).<BR><BR>My idea was to use a linked list to solve this problem. However, I haven&#039t found any coding examples of linked lists in VBScript.<BR><BR>Is there anyone who has used this solution and has any experience with it?

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    What about just having a field in the DB called Menu_Order and do a SELECT whatever FROM wherever ORDER BY Menu_Order;??

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    Remco Brink Guest

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    then you are still using a linked list, it is just stored in a seperate table.<BR><BR>The order defined in Menu_Order is managed in the same kind of linked list. That order cannot be random but objects should be able to move up/down in that list.

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