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    I have <BR>projectID EmpID<BR>4 3<BR>5 3<BR>6 3<BR>7 3<BR>8 4<BR>9 4<BR>10 4<BR><BR>I need to one to employee with their diffrent project ID&#039;s<BR>for eg<BR>3--4,5,6,7<BR>My question is ,is there a way i can write a query to do do this.i am able to this usinga nested do while loop but I prefer to amke it efficient<BR>thanks<BR>

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    Default You could write a messy Stored Proc...

    ...in SQL Server that could do it. But failing that, check out the ASPFAQs, category "Databases, General". You are looking for the FAQ on "grouped subcategories" or words to that effect.<BR><BR>A nested DO loop is the worst solution.<BR><BR>

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