Need JScript help..can some check ?

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Thread: Need JScript help..can some check ?

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    Default Need JScript help..can some check ?

    This is the page I am working on..<BR><BR><BR><BR>I have put two scripts on one page and now they don&#039;t work right.<BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Well how CAN they work right???

    Part of the second one is a duplication of the first one and part of the second one is pure trash.<BR><BR>{<BR>load0 = new Image();<BR>load0.src = "";<BR>load1 = new Image();<BR>load1.src = "";<BR>img1= new Image();<BR>img1.src = "";<BR>img1on = new Image();<BR>img1on.src = "";<BR>}<BR><BR>{<BR>load0 = new Image();<BR>load0.src = "";<BR>new Image();<BR>src = "";<BR>new Image();<BR>src = "";<BR>img1on = new Image();<BR>img1on.src = "";<BR>}<BR><BR>So the parts in italics are duplicates of each other. What in the world was the point in that?<BR><BR>And then in the second one you do<BR><BR> new Image();<BR> src = "";<BR><BR>HUH? You create a new Image object but then, since you don&#039;t assign it to a variable, you throw it in the trash.<BR><BR>And then you assign a string to the variable named src, for no purpose I can discern.<BR><BR>You also duplicate the imageRoll function exactly. Why?<BR><BR>Truthfully, I can&#039;t find any point at all in the duplicated code.<BR><BR><BR><BR>and don&#039;t use any variables with those.<BR><BR>

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