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Thread: Db values to textarea problem

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    Hi,<BR>I submit the following<BR>Line 1<BR>Line 2<BR>Line 3<BR>textarea values and use the Replace function like<BR><BR>Subsidiary = request.form("Subsidiary")<BR>Subsidiary = replace(Subsidiary, chr(13), "")<BR>Subsidiary = replace(Subsidiary, chr(10), "<BR>")<BR><BR>I run a report in the db and the Subsidiary field shows<BR>Line 1"&#060;"br"&#062;"Line 2"&#060;"br"&#062;"Line 3<BR>without the double quotes<BR><BR>Problem<BR>I call an asp page to view the results with<BR>Subsidiary = rs("Subsidiary")<BR>but the textarea is blank (text fields are OK)<BR><BR>What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions anyone.<BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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    Try changing the positions of the quotes, as they appear to be in the wrong position, also I think the CRLF comes through as %0D%0A - I can&#039t remember without checking

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