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    Hi<BR> I&#039m trying to decide which is the better approac when writing Active X components. Is it to return a collection of the data, or to return a disconnected recordset. What worries me about returning the recordset is the cleanup, and what happens when the component is running stateless in MTS. However I read an article that says returning collections are a significant overhead.. Anyone with any suggestions ?

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    First off, I have no technical expertise to back this up, but I would assume passing back a disconnected recordset would be more of a performance hit than returning just a collection. A collection is not pretty, but a recordset is a bloated collection. It contains all sort of crap in it.<BR><BR>A fellow developer who needed to streamline his component for performance, only passed back a long, comma delimited string, and parsed the string on the ASP end. That way, the communication between the component and ASP was quick and painless.

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