running asp code at a specific time.

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Thread: running asp code at a specific time.

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    Default running asp code at a specific time.

    I am doing some research for an app that I am thinking about doing. This app would need to be executed at a specific time during the day or after x number of hours. Has anyone done this? Can you point me in the correct direction. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>d

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    Default ASP reaslly wasn't meant to be used for

    this purpose. You could however write a script in windows scripting host and have it run from the AT scheduler in Windows 2000. I have a couple things running for a customer of mine that run on a schedule like this. I did the wsh method for several years and it worked fine, syntax is very much the same as asp but a few object are slightly different. The best method I found was to write a vb application and use the timer object, neater in my opinion. Anyway ASP101 has a decent article on the subject:<BR><BR><BR><BR>And if you want to go the wsh route here&#039;s the docs:<BR><BR><BR>Bear in mind using the wsh method you will need to have somewhere to run it from, IE it won&#039;t work if you only have a shared host for your asp. You&#039;ll need some machine where you can schedule it from. The customer I had running it didn&#039;t have their own asp server but did have a box where I could run the job from, the job updated their website on their isp using an ftp component.

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