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    Hi everyone -- been working hard one one of my personal project in asp: a WebBlog -- <BR>im really not an expert (yet!) in asp, so i would require your help on some issues..<BR><BR>im trying to build a custom webBlog interface with asp language and javascript embedded htmleditor.<BR>im using htmlTextArea to permit user to edit html code onthe fly (with IE 6+)<BR><BR><BR>the address to the current site is<BR><BR>you can check out the admin interface by clicking on login and validating with pass:pass<BR><BR><BR>you can try editing an existing record in the first table (you click on the [...]to open the table)<BR><BR><BR>it will work fine with all data in first table (so far...) im using the post method to transfer data, so caracter escaping shoudnt be an issue as ive understood.<BR><BR><BR>the second table contains more html in field values, many of em wont work at all when hitting the submit button after an edit..<BR>page 500 comes up with no explanation message whatsoever...i got server and client side debugging on, nothing pops up.<BR><BR>i believe the troubles i am experiencing are due to <BR>the way i create my sql query dynamically by retrieving <BR>the request.form.item elements and filtering those unrelevant ones... it works fine with most data...but i cant afford havin some restricted caracters...<BR><BR><BR>plz teach me the "right" way to extract any data from input and update correctly db...<BR>ive tried many combinaison of replace() and escape, before switching to post method...<BR><BR>thank u guys for ur help, i will make any part of code disponible, i just though i woudnt post the whole thing now, will wait for some feedback...<BR><BR>you can check out my business site at :

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    have you disabled IE friendly error mesasges?

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