Hi <BR>I&#039;m trying to Read in Blob data from one table and write it to another in a stored procedure.<BR><BR>I was going to try something like this<BR><BR>INSERT INTO RemoteItems (Name, externalid)<BR>SELECT name , id From LocalItems Where id=@localID<BR><BR>DECLARE @ptrval varbinary(16)<BR>SELECT @ptrval = TEXTPTR(FileStore) <BR> FROM LocalItems WHERE (FileID = @localID)<BR>DECLARE @ptr varbinary(16)<BR>SELECT @ptr = TEXTPTR(FileStore)<BR> FROM RemoteItems WHERE (externalid = @LocalID)<BR>WRITETEXT RemoteItems.FileStore @ptr READTEXT LocalItems.FileStore @ptrval 0 2147483647 <BR><BR>The trouble is I don&#039;t actually think this will work - I&#039;m just grasping at a large straw!<BR><BR>Has anyone ever done anything like this before?<BR><BR>