Hi Everyone!<BR><BR>I have a webapplication using RDS (2.1) to connect to a SQL Server 7.0 database in the client side by a COM (VB DLL) in the server side ,in some asp pages. This application is running with no problems in NT 4 with IIS4. But, I try to migrate this application to Windows 2000 AdvServer and IIS5 and the only problem that I find was RDS. This pages, that uses RDS, show me a msgbox with "Internet Server Error" and the error line (the Createobject method of the RDS.DataSpace object) and no more details. I put the Object.Class entry in the registry, check the ClassId of the RDS.DataSpace (is the same as RDS 2.1) and the user policies and permitions (users and IIS5) but it seems that i&#039m still missing something. Please, I need this urgent and if someone is using RDS with Win2000 and IIS5 let me know how to make run RDS in Win200 or what is wrong and I will be very grateful!!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Bye!