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    I have just discovered this web.config. But ended up stumped. How do I go about setting the session, so that it will timeout, and set a session variable before returning to the index.asp?<BR><BR>I also realized that web.config allows you to set the connectionstring. However, I dun have the database name. How do I actually set up in web.config, so that I wouldn&#039;t have to set the below code at every pages? Appreciate help. <BR><BR>Public Dim sConnString As String = "Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};" & _<BR> "Server=server;" & _<BR> "Uid=Uid;" & _<BR> "Pwd=Pwd"

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    Try this link<BR><BR>http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/053102-1.aspx<BR><BR>It is an article within this site that discuses using web.config files particularly for storing connection strings to databases

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