Topic related to : <BR>* N-Tier Application Development with Microsoft .NET<BR>* OOPS in .NET<BR>* Using Collection OR Object Array in .NET<BR><BR>I guess the Object Array or Collection is correct way, if we follow OOPS concept. But say if I want to return 1000 records with 10 columns to Presentation Layer just to bind with a Read Only DataGrid, I guess its unneccessarily wasting memory by creating an Object Array of 1000 elements (with 10 member variables) and also it affects performance.<BR><BR>What you say about returning a DataTable and binding it directly to the DataGrid instead of returing Object Array.<BR><BR>Also what you think about Serializing a DataTable and returing an Byte Array and then bind it to DataGrid by Deserializing it in Presentation Layer for better performance??<BR><BR><BR>Please comment and suggest me the best option.<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards,<BR><BR>Aamod