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    I was wondering if anyone knew what I would need to do to go about writing a "smart" search for an access database (either in asp or I know you can use the sql select statement to filter records by keyword (using the % sign), but I want to go farther than that. I&#039;d like the search results to return probable results and relative percentages along with "actual" matches.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to even begin this?

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    Default Not a reasonable thing to do...

    ...with Access.<BR><BR>You really need a DB that does the work for you, else your code will be slower than molasses.<BR><BR>SQL Server has full text search that is quite comprehensive.<BR><BR>If you need "free" then look into what MySQL offers. Yes, it returns a "relevance ranking score", though it may or may not be the kind of number you are looking for.<BR><BR>

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