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    Greetings,<BR><BR>I have two member tables in AccessDB, but some of the field names are not the same, that I need to synchronize. Here is how they are structured: (Table 1 is old and Table 2 is new)<BR><BR>Table 1 (900 records)<BR>---------------<BR><BR>ID<BR>GroupID<BR>First Name<BR>Last Name<BR>Email Address<BR>----<BR>----<BR><BR>Table 2 (1100 records)<BR>---------------<BR><BR>ID<BR>GroupID<BR>FName<BR>LName<BR>Email<B R>PhoneNumber<BR>OldMember (Y/N)<BR><BR><BR><BR>1. First I need to find out what records exist in Table 1 but not in Table 2 and add them to Table 2.<BR><BR>2. Secondly, I need to then find all records in Table 1 that match the records in Table 2 and update the Email address in Table 2 with the data from Table 1.<BR><BR>3. And third I need to then update Table 2 field "OldMember" if that particular record existed in the original Table 1.<BR><BR>Can anyone give me some insight as to how best to accomplish this task?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Neighborkid

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    Put a unique index on GroupID, FName, LName & Email in the new table then do this.<BR><BR>INSERT INTO [Table 2] (GroupId, Fname, Lname, Email, OldMember)<BR>SELECT GroupId, [First Name], [Last Name], [Email Address], &#039;Y&#039; As OldMember FROM [Table 1]<BR>

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