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    Hi Everybody,<BR><BR>I have read 4Guysfrom rolla site before I post this question. I have to start my first Web development project after years of client/server projects. I have been up to date with the technology and have knowledge about .net and asp etc... . <BR><BR>The project is supposed to display a set of id&#039;s on the screen and when the user selects an id it has to search the database for all records matching that id . Each record in the database has a Path field for a pdf file. What I need to do is to display all those pdf files and some image files too. We do highway analysis and have the analyzed data in the form of pdf&#039;s . this data will be put on the web site in two forms . one is a normal table of contents on the left side and then contents on the right side which I figured out can be done with FrontPage. Second I have to kind of have a search engine where the user picks a highway and direction and I have to display the data( in pdf files) realted to that highway.<BR><BR>My first question is Is Asp the best choice ?. If so can you send me the sample code (Structure only) to get data from database , show it in a pick list , frame a query based on the pick list selection and send it back to the database for results. Display teh pdf files associated with thos erecords. I just need some guidence in this regard. I know how to right an asp page, how to access records from database etc.. I just need to put all these things together.<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch for any help in this regard<BR>Rukmini<BR><BR>

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    Default Wow you ask a lot

    i strongly suggest you buy a good book to help you with learning ASP. No one here will really be able to give you the time you actually need.<BR><BR>

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