hi all,<BR>this is the funneist thing i&#039;ve ever seen!<BR>i think any solution for this problem would be in all interests!<BR><BR>i have a user control that contains a datagrid (AllowPaging is set to true), this control is used in two pages.<BR><BR>now lets follow this scenario:<BR>i am in Page1.aspx which hosts our control, the datagrid is shown along with the PageIndices at the bottom...i want to see page 3 of the datagrid for example, so i click on PageIndex "3", ok..the page is displayed..everything is fine. Now i want to view page "2" for instance, so i click on PageIndex "2" ...then.....i am redirected to the second page that host the same control Page2.aspx !!!!!!!!!! how did that happen?!! i have no transfer ..no redirect ..no nothing of those in my page..neither in my control ....!! how did that happen?<BR><BR>i hope that this is not a problem of the code...or is it? :(<BR>i appreciate any help :)<BR>thanx<BR>