I have a 200 page, 100,000 line ASP application that&#039s been working fine over the past three years. It&#039s in a state of constant development, like most web apps.<BR><BR>Over the past week, something changed. Where I used to have 50-60 connections from the web servers to the SQL server, I now have 450+...sometimes as many as 1200. That&#039s way, way too much.<BR><BR>Looking at the process info in SQL enterprise manager, it looks like most of them were created, used once, and never closed. Their start time and last batch time are the same. After two hours (to the minute), they seem to go away on their own. If anyone knows where to find that timeout value, that would be a good start for me.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas? I have introduced a couple of keyset cursorsin the past few weeks, but I think they worked fine for a while before this happened. I do know that not every page that creates a connection uses the Close method, but it&#039s been that way for years without this kind of problem. I&#039m fairly desperate; the app is slowing to a crawl all the time.<BR><BR>I&#039ve installed MDAC 2.5 in the web servers; no change. Looking at the process info again, there&#039s no one query or table that&#039s listed as "last query" for the abandoned connections.<BR><BR>Help! And Thanks!<BR>-Brooks