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    Hi, i&#039;m trying to find the code will display an image url from a database on a web page. <BR><BR>I&#039;m selecting the id number of the info i want to view from within the database through the usual method - <BR>a href="test.asp?ID=23"<BR><BR>On the test.asp i have my query code:<BR>strSQL = "SELECT tblComments.* FROM tblComments WHERE ID_no=" & lngRecordNo<BR><BR>Where lngRecordNo holds the record number to be displayed. I then have a html table within which i display - &#060;% = rsGuestbook("Will") %&#062;, which shows the text within that record. This is where i get stuck: i then want to grap the image url from the database and display it within a img tag. My question is what code do i have to write for this to occur??<BR><BR><BR>

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    If it&#039;s an image URL then it&#039;s quite straightforward:<BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%=rsGuestbook("ImageURLField") %&#062;" /&#062;<BR><BR>Where "ImageURLField" is the name of the field containing the image URL.<BR><BR>Craig.

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