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    Hi. In one of my ASP pages, I have a link that opens the EXCEL sheet in the users browser. I have two questions:<BR><BR>1- Is it possible to force the page to ALWAYS open in the browser (not ask the user if they would like to save it) and<BR>2- Once it IS open, if the user clicks on "Save", it should save the response on the server NOT the client machine.<BR><BR>Has anyone faced a similar problem?

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    Lots of people have asked the same questions :-)<BR><BR>1. If you provide the correct ContentType, and don&#039;t send it as an attachment (would have to see your code that generates the Excel sheet), then you&#039;re doing your best already. If it&#039;s just a link to the Excel spreadsheet then no. You could maybe ask the user to change a browser setting. Maybe.<BR><BR>2. No. Once it&#039;s open, it literally exists in the temporary files on the user&#039;s system. If you want them to be able to edit it, you need to provide some kind of server-side grid (HTML table with &#060;input&#062; tags as "cells"?) and write code to handle a "saving" of that information.<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>Craig.

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