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    Hello,<BR>I was wondering if someone could help me out.<BR>I am currently using the email validation routine found at . The problem with the routine is that it will mark an email address bad if the domain is more then 3 letters. I have a couple of users that have .info domains and they can not register. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jose<BR>I am not very good with regular expression, you help would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is the pattern used:<BR>regEx.Pattern = "^[w-.]{1,}@([da-zA-Z-]{1,}.){1,}[da-zA-Z-]{2,3}$" <BR><BR>The {2,3} at the end means that the part in front of it may contain 2 to 3 characters. To change that, you can replace it by {2,4} so that .info domains are also possible, ot you can change it to {2,} for any number of characters larger than or equal to 2.

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