I am trying to change the code that adds a product into a shopping basket, the current code only adds one product at a time, what I am trying to do is add more than one.<BR><BR>For example I have a page that can list up to a maximum of 100 products, next to each product I have a tick box, the user can tick a checkbox next to any amount of products they wish to buy, hit submit and it will then take all the selected products and add into the basket..<BR><BR>However everything I try doesnt seem to work I just cant get it to add more than one, I did get it to add 2 but then if you only selected one it errored...<BR><BR>has anyone done anything like this?<BR><BR>hope you dont mind me posting the original code that I have incase anyone knows a simple way to do this.<BR><BR>the name of the checkbox is sku+1 so each line is a different name field, but just cant work it out and its driving me mad!!! any assistance would be so appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks alot<BR><BR>code:<BR><BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>function OrderFormAddItem(byVal orderFormStorage, byVal shopperID, byRef errorFields)<BR><BR> REM -- set product quantity<BR> product_qty = mscsPage.RequestNumber("quantity", "0", 1, 999)<BR> if IsNull(product_qty) then<BR> errorFields("product_qty") = "quantity must be a number between 1 and 999"<BR> OrderFormAddItem = false<BR> exit function<BR> end if<BR> sku = Request("sku")<BR> REM -- retrieve order form from storage:<BR> on error resume next<BR> set orderForm = orderFormStorage.GetData(null, shopperID)<BR> on error goto 0<BR> if IsEmpty(orderForm) then<BR> REM -- create the order form:<BR> set orderForm = Server.CreateObject("Commerce.OrderForm")<BR> orderForm.shopper_id = shopperID<BR> orderForm.pricebook = Session("price_book")<BR> orderForm.zero_vat = Session("zero_vat")<BR> orderForm.zero_ship = Session("zero_ship")<BR> orderForm.allow_backorder = Session("allow_backorder")<BR> REM -- add item to order form:<BR> set item = orderForm.AddItem(sku, product_qty, placed_price)<BR> REM -- insert order form in storage:<BR> call orderFormStorage.InsertData(null, orderForm)<BR> else<BR> REM -- add item to order form:<BR> set item = orderForm.AddItem(sku, product_qty, placed_price)<BR> REM -- commit order form back to storage:<BR> call orderFormStorage.CommitData(null, orderForm)<BR> end if<BR> OrderFormAddItem = true<BR>end function<BR>%&#062;