Hi<BR>Iam getting an error when trying to run an aspx page. The error I get is <BR>"Error while trying to run the project.Unable to start the debugging on the web server.Verify that you are a member of the debuggers group on the server.Would you like to disbale future attempts to debug asp.net pages for this project?".<BR>I have also referred the document from the below url and tried all the possible solutions but still i get the same error.<BR>http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/csharp/learn/whitepapers/howtosolvedebuggerproblems.doc.<BR><BR>I have added my myself in the debuggers group and i am having administrative priveleges.<BR><BR>Also in IE i have changed the security settings to Automatic logon with current username and password.(This works for me but the problem is I have an Intranet application for which there are few modules that asks for my userid and password to authenticate since iam in a different domain and it fails to show me the popup window for entering the uid and pwd.If i change the security back to prompt for uid and pwd the intranet application works but the asp.net stuff doesnt work and throws the same error.)<BR><BR>I also tried changing the username to americas/prashant in process model of machine.config but still i get the same error.<BR><BR>I tried all the goofy stuff but i end up in the same error.<BR><BR>Could you please suggest me some other way throught which i can overcome this error.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Prashant