Have a question about making a page for a members section on our Intranet, that would be a generic looking login page, and depending on what they entered would redirect them to their appropriate page. I have done some research on it, and would like to stay away from the if user = me then it redirects to me.html... <BR><BR>Also wondering what people&#039s thoughts were on this, as far as how secure it is, and if .asp would be the way to go. I would also want to be sure that other members could not find out about other members from the code, etc...<BR><BR>I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/help/info on the matter. I have created a similar page where a bunch of users can log in and it checks against a pass.asp to see if they can access the secured page, and that seems to work just fine... I just cant seem to understand how I would get this to work the other way around.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Todd