Hello<BR>My requirement is as below<BR>Admin can select which blocks would be displayed on a page. I have one block for quick search. If admin has selected this block to display on a page I check this at run time and add it on page. I wrote a user control for this block. I want to load this control dynamically. My function to do this is in a class file. Code I am using is below. Can you please look it and guide me to make it working?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>*********** Code **************<BR>Dim BlockTable As New Table()<BR>Dim BlockRow As New TableRow()<BR>Dim BlockCell As New TableCell()<BR><BR>Dim QuickBlock As New System.Web.UI.UserControl()<BR>QuickBlock.LoadCont rol("./includes/QuickSearch.ascx")<BR>QuickBlock.Visible = True<BR>Dim SB As New System.Text.StringBuilder()<BR>Dim SW As New System.IO.StringWriter(SB)<BR>Dim htmlTW As New HtmlTextWriter(SW)<BR>QuickBlock.RenderControl(htm lTW)<BR>BlockCell.Text = SB.ToString()<BR>BlockRow.Cells.Add(BlockCell)<BR> BlockTable.Rows.Add(BlockRow)<BR><BR>