Hi, I am trying to create a transaction update to an Access DB using ADO from VB but I keep getting errors.<BR><BR>I would appreciate any help, the MSDN site shows examples with Recordsets but I would like to try and achieve this with commands<BR><BR>I have a connection that works; cnnSvr <BR>and 2 Commands that work; cmdSvr1 & cmdSvr2<BR><BR> <BR>on error got Err_Tfr<BR> Set cmdSvr1 = New ADODB.Command<BR> cmdSvr1.ActiveConnection = cnnSvr<BR><BR> Set cmdSvr2 = New ADODB.Command<BR> cmdSvr2.ActiveConnection = cnnSvr<BR><BR> cmdSvr1.CommandText = stSQL1<BR> cmdSvr1.CommandType = adCmdText<BR><BR> cmdSvr2.CommandText = stSQL2<BR> cmdSvr2.CommandType = adCmdText<BR><BR> fBeginTfr=True<BR> cnnSvr.BeginTrans<BR> cmdSvr1.Execute<BR> cmdSvr2.Execute<BR> cnnSvr.CommitTrans<BR><BR> Tfr=True<BR> <BR>Exit_Tfr:<BR> set cnnSvr=Nothing<BR> etc (close all variable)<BR> Exit Sub<BR><BR>Err_Tfr:<BR> cnnSvr.Rollback<BR> Tfr=false<BR> Resume Exit_Tfr<BR><BR>