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    I have a link on a form page that opens up a small window, allowing the user to add information about their computer to a database. Once they finish, I want to reload the original page, using the new information to populate a dropdown box.<BR><BR>Since I don&#039t want to lose what they&#039ve already entered into the form, I plan to pass it to the new window via Querystring, so it can be &#039sent back&#039 to the original form on refresh and used to reset the form values.<BR><BR>What is the easiest way to load a page in a new window? That is, by clicking a link on the popup window, the original page is loaded (with the passed querystring)...<BR>

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    If you don&#039t mind using JavaScript you can use the <BR><BR>window.parent.document( [NAME OF YOUR OBJECT] ).value<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>window.opener.document( [NAME OF YOUR OBJECT] ).value<BR><BR>object to update control values on the parent window.<BR><BR><BR>This will work for Internet Explorer ... I&#039m not sure about Netscape.

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