That&#039;s not the greatest title.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s what I&#039;m trying to do:<BR><BR>I have a usercontrol that you can pass values to via either the usercontrol statement in the ASPX page, or via querystrings. I&#039;d like the querystrings to be able to override the usercontrol properties that are passed. I&#039;m using for all of this.<BR><BR>It looks like I need to retrieve my properties at the top of my usercontrol page:<BR><BR> Private displayCategoryBln As Boolean<BR> Property displayCategory As Boolean<BR> Get<BR> return displayCategoryBln<BR> end Get<BR> set <BR> displayCategoryBln = value<BR> end set<BR> end Property<BR><BR>and that I need to set my querystring retrievals in each respective function/subroutine that uses them.<BR><BR>Is there anyway to group these in the code so it&#039;s easier to follow? Right now, I&#039;m checking variables at the top of my code, and then in each separate function, which just seems messy in terms of code formatting.<BR>