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    I have a site that sells jeep parts and Jeeps. The parts come from the site&#039;s SQL database. But now I want to integrate my vehicle classifieds site with this site. On the jeeps online page, I want to connect remotely to a car classifieds site, and output the Jeep company&#039;s jeeps that are in the classifiedes database.<BR><BR>Would it be a really really bad idea to connect to two databases, the parts db and the classifieds site. This double connection will only occur on one page, when the viewers view the actual jeep page. But the rest of the site only connects to the jeep parts SQL DB.<BR><BR>Would it be a huge prob if I did this only on one page? cause I dont want to place the jeeps in the same db as the parts DB, cause the classifieds site has a nice admin I built to control the cars.

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    Default Not at all

    jsut link the second DB from the main db and you can query it with the same connection.<BR><BR>

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