I hope this is all worth it :-)<BR>Issue: Migrating classic app to .net<BR>Problem: Using Class in Codebehind..<BR><BR>One Web Page, One Codebehind, One Other class. <BR><BR>In trying to figure this out, i have created a very simple page and successfully compiled the codebehind dll. I don&#039;t have "studio", I am using the command line. I created another generic class per one of the tutorials to eventually hold a few "generic" commonly used functions. Now I have one page that has "no code", with one label control in the html. The dll that is the codebehind looks like this..<BR><BR>namespace myNameSpace<BR>{<BR>using system;<BR> public class myFirstClsas: System.Web.UI.Page{<BR> public System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label lbl_test;<BR> <BR> public void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){<BR><BR>lbl_test.Text = "Testing, text from dll codebehind";<BR><BR> }//end page load<BR> }//end class<BR>}//end namespace<BR><BR>Using this, when the page loads, the label is filled as expected. The troulbe comes when I try and use the "other" class holding the generic functions..<BR>the generic class is called ConstClass and has one method, doTest() which simply returns some text..When i put ConstClass.doTest(); in the "page load event", then try to re-compile the dll for the codebehind, the compiler gives this error:<BR>The type or namespace name &#039;ConstClass&#039; does not exist in the class or namespace&#039;<BR>Question: How do you "use" another class inside the codebehind class? <BR><BR>Feeling really dumb!<BR>David