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    Hi,<BR>I have read various articles on the FAQ section but am still a little confused. I would like to incorporate the main headlines from into my own website. After reading I think think this technique is called screen scraping. But there is also detail given about RSS - im not sure which is the one to use.<BR><BR>Please could someone advise me on how to go about this. Is this even possible? Do i need to install an additional component i.e xmlHTTP?<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance

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    Default So you don't care if it's against the la

    You don&#039;t care if CNN comes after you and sues your *** off?<BR><BR>Having said that...<BR><BR>If CNN grants you a license to do this, then go for it!<BR><BR>Which is better, screen scraping or RSS? Definitely RSS. Much more compact format, easier to parse out only what you need, etc. <BR><BR>But *could* you screen scrape? Sure. But the FAQ is out of date. Today, you should be using MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP instead. And, yes, it&#039;s free and should already be on your machine (and your host&#039;s machine, if you use a hosting service).<BR><BR>

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    As Bill posted...RSS/RDF is your best bet (and it&#039;s easy!).

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