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    This question might be a bit difficult to follow but I was told that there are tons of intellegent people here so maybe you can help me out.<BR><BR>Okay, I go to a forum powered by ASP. The link is<BR><BR>It&#039;s pretty chaotic there and un-moderated. (there are moderators but they NEVER come.)<BR><BR>Now people use these tricks on the forum to change the number of replies on a topic. I know how to do that, I use reply page ( which launches a post into the actual forum. I want to know how to change the color of my username though. One person did it and is not sharing how. Lol<BR><BR>I think it has something to do with the login form on my reply launch page that I made. I type &#060;font color=red&#062;MyUsername&#060;/font&#062; into the Login name box and then I put my password and the post works BUT my username color didn&#039;t change. I know this is kind of confusing. Thanks if you can help!<BR>

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    Derek, your right, I&#039;m confused. It should be a matter of how there "psuedo html" tags work in the form. There is a link at the bottom of the reply form to show you the "psuedo html" tags. the color on is words you want to color red I assume that you use this logic to change the color of your name also? I&#039;m not sure how your "automating" your replies, good luck.<BR><BR>Ask Gwen, she might know :-) <BR>David<BR><BR>

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