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    Hi All,<BR><BR>Got a real puzzler here. I have an access db that is the back end to an asp page. when I try to run an insert query, the data never shows up in the table. Yet if I run the query inside access, there is no problem, so the sql is ok.<BR><BR>I can open the connection to the db, if i response.write connect.state I get a connected flag. I am using the connect.execute method if inserting the data. Are there issues with certain field types not being able to use this method? Fields are mainly text and memo<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Bastien

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    First, do you have "On Error Resume Next" in there anywhere? If so, comment it out, and see if it&#039;s throwing an error that you&#039;re <BR>just not seeing. <BR><BR>Failing that, make sure that the memo fields are all at the end of you insert statment (after all of the fields of other types.) I seem to recall memo fields causing some weirdness like this.<BR><BR>Xander

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