Hi. I have an application that I need to write parts in .NET and parts in ASP. Both sections need to post XML data to another website (via Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP object in classic ASP, and WebRequest in .NET). I&#039;ve gotten this to work for the most part in both environments, but I have one last thing that I cannot get working...hopefully somebody can help me. With my POST request, I need to send authentication information. The old syntax looks like this:<BR><BR>set xmlhttp = server.CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.3.0")<BR >xmlhttp.open "POST","http://myurl@mywebsite.com/mypage.cgi", False, userid, pword<BR><BR>The.NET syntax looks more like this:<BR><BR> Public Function HttpPost(ByVal payload As String, _<BR> ByVal url As String, _<BR> ByVal userName As String, _<BR> ByVal password As String) As String<BR><BR> Dim HttpRequest As HttpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(url), HttpWebRequest)<BR> Dim HttpResponse As WebResponse<BR> Dim RequestStream As StreamWriter<BR> Dim RespStreamReader As StreamReader<BR> Dim sRetVal As String<BR> Dim dDate As Date = Now()<BR> Dim myEnvironmentVariables As New TSNPortalEnvironmentVariables<BR> Dim OblixUrl As String<BR> OblixUrl = myEnvironmentVariables.GetVariable("OblixURL")<BR> <BR> Dim myCredentialCache As New CredentialCache<BR> myCredentialCache.Add(New Uri(OblixUrl), "Basic", New NetworkCredential(userName, password, "mydomain.com"))<BR><BR> Try<BR> With HttpRequest<BR> .Method = "POST"<BR> .Headers.Add("SOAPAction", """""")<BR> .ContentType = "text/xml;charset=""utf-8"""<BR> .Accept = "text/xml"<BR> .Timeout = -1 &#039;infinite<BR> .ContentLength = payload.Length<BR> .PreAuthenticate = True<BR> .Credentials = myCredentialCache<BR> End With<BR><BR> &#039;Write the request out to the URL specified in WebRequest.<BR> RequestStream = New StreamWriter(HttpRequest.GetRequestStream())<BR> RequestStream.Write(payload)<BR><BR> RequestStream.Close()<BR> &#039;...more code<BR> End function<BR><BR>My problem is that I cannot tell if my userid/pw is getting added to the Post string or not in .NET. This is clearly more complex in .NET, than in ASP. I&#039;m pretty sure that I have to add the PreAuthenticate method, and in order to give it a userid & pw, I need to somehow use the NetworkCredentials class, and maybe the CredentialsCache class too. This is my most recent iteration, and now I&#039;m getting a trace error that says:<BR>"XmlException: The &#039;meta&#039; start tag on line &#039;1&#039; does not match the end tag of &#039;HTML&#039;. Line 1, position 90". <BR><BR>As far as I can tell, I&#039;m not even in a place in the code where it would be evaluating HTML. All I can think is that the sending of the message is somehow being misinterpreted, but I cannot see what it&#039;s doing exactly. <BR><BR>Has anyone done this?? Can you help me translate the easy ASP way to the new (and "improved?") .NET way?<BR><BR>By the way, without the authentication params (PreAuthenticate, CredentialsCache and NetworkCredentials), I can send a message fine with this .NET code. I just don&#039;t get back what I want because the other site needs the authentication info.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help!!!