I have a massive .asp page. on top of this page is a set of dropdowns. These dropdowns are related to each other. For eg. on change of one dropdown, the other dropdowns change , and in doing so loads the whole page.<BR>is there anyway i can just take the dropdowns and put it in an IFRAME ? <BR>I dont want to take the dropdown code from the .asp page, but use it within an IFRAME.<BR><BR>can i use something like this<BR>&#060;IFRAME&#062;<BR>THE DROPDOWN CODE COMES HERE<BR>&#060;/IFRAME&#062;<BR><BR>can i do that ?<BR><BR>because , if i take the dropdown code and put it in a different .asp or .asa file. a lot of code has to be rewritten.<BR> <BR>so can i avoid all that by just adding &#060;iframe&#062; and &#060;/iframe&#062; around my dropdown code?<BR><BR>Thanks