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    Ok, I have pretty much figured out how to send the form information a user enters to an email address in the code, but the part I am stuck at is the body. I have several form fields that I want to be written to the body of the email and I know how to do it in ASP but in .NET I am lost. I am thinking something like<BR><BR>BodyText = "Name: " & FirstName.Text & " " & LastName.Text & vbcrlf<BR>BodyText = BodyText + "Address: " & Address.Text & vbcrlf<BR>BodyText = BodyText + "City: " & City.Text & vbcrlf<BR><BR>ok, supposing something like that works, how do i go about having BodyText kept in memory? What would the script look like?

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    What do you mean by kept in memory? You want to pass it to another page? You can use viewstate or session variables or cookies or database or...well, there&#039;s loads of ways.

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