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    Why people are scared of cookies?Why shouldn&#039t we use that.Can anyone help me in understanding this question<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    Because they are misinformed. Some people view them as a security<BR>risk. I personally don&#039t but it&#039s all from your point of view. But there is room for potential abuse. For example you go to a ecommerce site and purchase a wigdet and you give them some personal information along with your credit card etc. Here&#039s where the sbuse begins. They can place information such as :what you bought, when, how, and any other information about you that you&#039ve entered, etc. Now you leave that site and start surfing the web. Using that cookie they can potentially track who you are, what you like to buy and what you like to buy and supply this information to other sites that might want to sell you something, persuade you, etc.<BR><BR><BR>I personally don&#039t mind using cookies, they are very usefull.<BR>But we must mind people&#039s privacy or we&#039ll all pay the price with increased restrictions on the Web.

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