Can anyone help me in this regular expression

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Thread: Can anyone help me in this regular expression

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    Hai members, i am a vb 6.0 developer. i am now into getting a particular word format(eg: urls and emails) from the given text or html files. ) I written a code using mid function for that but it is takeing a lot of time to parse a single big file. i think if i use regular expression then i can get the answer quickly. can anyone help me in writeing this code. i tried many ways<BR><BR>i declared obect as <BR><BR>dim regobj<BR>rejobj=new regexp ( as we use in vbscript)<BR><BR>but this declaration is not helpful because it is showing error that object or variable not declared or something.<BR>can anyone give me the code for doing this task will be more helpful. if u wish to contact me then pls mail me at<BR><BR>thank you team

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    I think it should be enough to set a reference to "Microsoft VBScript regular Expressions" (on my computer at C:WINNTsystem32VBScript.dll)<BR><BR>Also I think you should use SET:<BR>Dim regobj<BR>Set regobj = New RegExp<BR><BR>(and I hope that the typo you made (rejobj in stead of regobj) was just in the forum, not in your code...)

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