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    Somebody as i need this for an interview. Kindly, send me the basic & intermediate programming definitions & concepts for the following today itself.<BR>Thanks in advance. <BR><BR>.NET Framework<BR>ASP.NET<BR>C#.NET<BR>BizTalk Server (Some Explanation)<BR>ASP<BR>VB<BR>SQL Server<BR>

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    Default You *ARE* joking????

    To discuss even ONE of those would take a couple of CHAPTERS at least. Especially if you need "intermediate" definitions and concepts.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t understand this stuff already, it is way, way, way too late.<BR><BR>AT A MINIMUM, you should be prepared to spend one or two DAYS just reading the material that is ALL OVER THE WEB for any of those.<BR><BR>You will pardon my saying that I do NOT think you will get the job.<BR><BR>

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