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    I want to create one user with my NT Security, then every user who visits my site is logged as that user. It is to prevent access to the NT box itself. Does IIS do this already? If not can I do this and have multiple users logged in. Also how do I implement this if IIS doesn&#039t?

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    You can set the account that IIS "impersonates" for anonymous, everyone visiting your site will run as this user....<BR><BR>Create the user in NT Security, then go into the IIS manager, right click on the Web site you want, and select properties....<BR><BR>[I&#039m using Windows 2000 so it might be slightly different]<BR><BR>* Click on the Directory Security Tab<BR>* Under the Anonymous Access section, click on Edit.<BR>* Next to Account Used For Anonymous Access, click Edit.<BR>* Enter in the username and password of the NT account that you created....<BR><BR>James

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