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Thread: Which is more efficient, faster?

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    I have dozens of pages that access a SQL database. I&#039m wondering which is the better way to avoid duplicating the connection string on every page. A server side include or an application variable?<BR><BR>Does one have a distinct advantage?<BR><BR>thanks.

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    The fastest way I&#039ve found is to compress all of your database requests per page into an isolated spot (probably near the top of the page). This would generally indicate that SSI is better, since, if you&#039re compressing your access points, you can also explicitly terminate the connection to ensure that you&#039re properly compressed.<BR><BR>Now for the visual example:<BR><BR>Page (blah blah)<BR>-- attach<BR>Content (needs database)<BR>-- detach<BR>/Page<BR><BR>sped up incredibly when I went to<BR><BR>Page (blah blah)<BR>-- attach, .getRows the content, detach<BR>Content (needs array)<BR>/Page

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