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    Hi all<BR><BR>I&#039;m ok at form validation with jscript but thats about my limit.<BR><BR>The situation is: On one page a customer selects a quantity of x and the cost is displayed. On the next page the customer then must asign quantity x to those in the group who require it. <BR>Instead of simply checking to make sure the quantities assigned = x on submit, I wanted to generate a dropdown box under each person, when a quantity is selected from a box the other boxes are reduced by the amount selected.<BR><BR>Is this viable or am I simply wanting the moon on a stick?<BR><BR>Thanks Matt

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    its possible, although you&#039;d have to update each dropdown with the new values each time the user selected a value in one of them.<BR><BR>Try the onChange event for this, there is some code at http://www.greggriffiths.org/webdev/clientside/javascript/linkeddropdowns/ which updates a second dropdown based on the value in the first, you could amend this to your needs.

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