Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me, I am working on a shopping site using site server and at the moment the site offers a £5 fixed delivery charge to everyone know matter what they order.<BR>They want this change to allow for different options (ie. next day AM, next day PM, all next day) etc and these will have different prices for each option.<BR><BR>Just looking at the code the delivery cost is determined by <BR><BR>&#060;% = MSCSDataFunctions.Money(CLng(mscsOrderForm.[_shipping_total])) %&#062;<BR><BR>and this automatically defaults to 5.00, does anyone know where it pulls this 5.00 charge from? Is it in the pipelines? because I cant find it hard coded in the site anywhere...any help on this and how to change it would be such a help as its driving me mad!! thanks so much.<BR><BR>Jess