Hi there.<BR>firstly, a quick thankyou for the response to my last question. Once i posted it i played around a bit and figured it out.<BR>Cheers for the response.<BR><BR>Which takes me to my next question...<BR>I have 3 asp files that redirect each other. i.e open a page, press a button it redirects to the next page. Ill call them 1.asp, 2.asp, 3.asp<BR>The user enters details into the first page (1.asp) and presses a button to continue. At this stage ive used &#039;action&#039; to direct it to a &#039;collectdata.asp&#039; file that collects the info into an xml file, then it redirects it back to the next page (2.asp)<BR><BR>This works fine.<BR><BR>The second page (2.asp)is a confirmation page of what was entered on the first page (1.asp) from here the user can press one of two buttons; to go back to change information or to continue on to the next page (3.asp)<BR><BR>This works fine.<BR><BR>On the last page (3.asp) the user enters more details and presses a button to continue. When they continue it directs them to a payment site (ogone) by the use of &#039;action&#039; within the &#039;form&#039; tag (in 3.asp). My problem is that before it directs the user to the payment site i have to capture the information and add it to the &#039;collectdata.asp&#039;. I have created an test.asp file that i swap in &#039;action&#039; so instead of directing to the ogone site it directs it to the test.asp file. The information is saved as needed but when i try to redirect to the ogone site from here, up comes a no payment details.<BR><BR>The test.asp file is a function i.e. code is within &#060;% %&#062; tags, so i presume this has something to do with the problem.<BR><BR>So my questions are: <BR>1) what can i do to direct from the test.asp file to the ogone site with the correct information?<BR>2) if i take the code from the test.asp file and create a function within the 3.asp file, how does it get called to allow the data to be collected and for the page to be directed to the ogone site.