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Thread: Can someone decipher this code for me

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    Hi<BR>I am a Data Warehouse Developer working on an app that was developed in VB.NET. I am trying to figure out what the code is what it does as it was developed by someone who left the company.<BR><BR>This is the code.<BR><BR>#If PROD = True Then<BR> m_CachedConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=""ORAOLEDB.Oracle"";Database = ""LPPROD"";User ID=ldap;Data Source="""";Password=ldap"<BR># Else<BR> m_CachedConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=""MSDAORA.1"";Database = ""LPDEVL"";User ID=ldap;Data Source="""";Password=ldap"<B R>#End If<BR><BR><BR>What does that #IF and #ELSE and #ENDIF mean? I know what they mean without the #. And also where is the value TRUE for PROD being set. I did not find it anywhere else in the code.<BR><BR>Thanks for the help<BR><BR>Ken

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    Was looking at it and thought, that&#039;s wierd, did a little searching and found this explination of it which should help you.<BR><BR>

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