Can we collect forms data without element names?

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Thread: Can we collect forms data without element names?

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    Default Can we collect forms data without element names?

    Can we collect forms data without element names?<BR><BR>This is the situation I&#039;m trying to plan a solution for:<BR><BR>1. .html pages with standard forms (ie, "&#060;input..." instead of &#060;asp:...")<BR>2. Form action goes to a code page<BR>3. code page needs to get data from form for emailing, without referring to actual form element names, and without knowing how many elements there are. Since there would be a number of html files with unique forms on each, it&#039;d be good to just loop through however many there are and process them.<BR><BR><BR>I haven&#039;t found anything yet that says it&#039;s possible... :?<BR><BR>I know javascript can loop though form elements without the name, ie, element0, element1, element2, etc. But I&#039;m not sure it&#039;s a good solution, unless I did something like on submit, the page runs a javascript function that loops through the form, and builds a string that holds everything I need, then dumps that string into a hidden field, then the code page gets that string and dumps it into the email. But that sounds messy. <BR><BR><BR>I&#039;d really like to find an asp or .net solution for handling this, but am open to php also. My php is a little rusty, so I haven&#039;t looked for a php solution yet.<BR>

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