Hello<BR>I have a VB.NET application that was developed by someone else and I am working on fixing it. I think I am missing oracle drivers. When I run the application in Debug it fails and gives me ORA-12154 error TNS:Could not resolve service name.<BR><BR>Can someone suggest where to look for what and such.<BR><BR>This is the code where the error occurs.<BR><BR>m_CachedConnection = New OleDbConnection<BR><BR>m_CachedConnection.Connecti onString = "Provider=""ORAOLEDB.Oracle"";Database = ""PROD"";User ID=user;Data Source=""ECCWorld"";Password=password"<BR><BR>m_Ca chedConnection.Open() - this is the line where it breaks.<BR><BR>I have oracle 9i. Should the connection string be different than what it is?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Ken<BR>