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    I have 4 Radio Buttons on my form, User has to select one radio button and then i have to disable the remaining 3 radio buttons, could you please send some Javascript code to do this exactly...<BR><BR>Spring<BR>Summer I <BR>Summer II <BR>Fall

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    Firstly, I dont see the point in disabling the rest of them because if one is checked then the others cant be checked without the check on the other one moving (ie. only one can be checked at a time in any said group). BUT, if you do want to disable them then this will disable the first one:<BR><BR>document.form[0].group1[0].disabled=true<BR><BR>basically, "form[0]" says its the first form on the page and "group1" is the name of the group of radio buttons, "group1[0]" says that it is the first radio button in "group1".<BR><BR>Turnip

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