hi..<BR>i want to do this..using ASP.NET and VB.NET<BR>open a database retrieve data into a recordset..<BR>(i know .net has dateset and datareader instead)<BR>i want to use the on ethat will have the data even after the conn is closed..that will be dataset right?<BR>so now i have this data in dataset..<BR>now i want to get more tables in dataset. can i do taht?<BR>after taht i want to BATCHUPDATE all the tables in the dataset..<BR>how can i BATCHUPDATE so that whatever data i have in my dataset gets updated to RESPECTIVE tables??<BR>the data i acqure in my dataset are from various tables using innerjoin, further more i also have some tabels as they are(full) and some partial..<BR>tks..