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    Hill Guest

    Default ASP Database Search and characters....

    Hi,<BR>I have a page runs with Access 2000 database and I made a database search. There is a problem with sending data to search page. I have Turkish characters and some upper case data. If I write lower case to the search box, it does not find anything. I send data like "search.asp?book=&#060;%=rs("bookname")%&#062; ", which has the bookname upper case in the database. And I get it with "Request.QueryString("book")". How can I solve this problem, and how can I make it find the records even they are in upper case or lower case. <BR>Thanks...

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Use the lCase function.

    That is to say:<BR><BR>"select book from thatTable where lCase(book) = &#039" & lCase(searchFor) & "&#039 order by book" <BR><BR>-- should work fine for Access and (maybe) SQL server.

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