Currently I am using a PERL based script (Thanks Atrax!) to retrieve mail from a POP3 server (Actually from Exchange but via POP3). It creates a host of small issues to retrieve the mail, sort through it, mess with it and distribute it the way I have it now, so I was looking into the namespace to interact with Exchange.<BR><BR>The problem is that I don&#039;t see anything really posted about it. I ran across a decent article here (, but it is more for interacting with Outlook on a client machine than interacting with multiple mailboxes on a server, which really limits the functionality that I need.<BR><BR>So, with .NET supposedly tightly integrating all of these different systems, does anyone have experience with making a connection to an Exchange server and opening different mailboxes? If so, am I able to manipulate the data on the server with a dataset? (Say, delete an item after processing it for example?)<BR><BR>After writing this I am starting to think the PERL script is the best bet, but they say fortune favors the bold.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any feedback.