Hello, please advise on how should I go about opening an existing excel (with macro) file and write to it. This excel file is just a template file. First line is for date and project name. Second line contains columns header and each column header has macro. And there are 40 empty rows after that. My objective is to copy this template to a new excel file (example.xls). I will then open example.xls file, insert new date and project name (in 1st row), skip 2nd row (b/c it contain the headers), and then start inserting the data from 3rd row on. If the sheet is full, add another sheet (1 & 2 rows contain same information as 1st sheet), fill the rest of the sheet and so on... What I would like to know is how to open the macro excel file with no header in the first row, start inserting 3rd row, and how to add new excel sheet? Thank you very much in advance.